Proactive IT Security


Cybersecurity attacks have become a hazardous reality in the life of an organization doing business today. Cybercrime is on the rise—and growing rapidly. In fact, by 2025, cybercrime damages are expected to cost upwards of $10.5 trillion annually. In 2020 alone, ransomware, the go-to method of attack for cybercriminals, increased by 435%, while malware saw a 358% jump.1 Representing the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history, today’s cybercrime has rendered traditional detection and blocking technologies far less effective in protecting against these growing security threats.

At EVT, our security experts will help you strategically and tactically integrate security with your business goals and objectives by strengthening your IT infrastructure, maturing your security posture against threats, and enabling people to perform their work in a secure manor.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Application Security: We’ll help you identify and minimize security vulnerabilities across the application development and design lifecycle to prevent threats and breaches.
  • Data Center and Cloud Security: Whether your data or applications are housed on-premises or in the cloud, we’ll help you protect your infrastructure from advanced security threats, attacks, and unauthorized access events that emerge.
  • Endpoint Security: Our team of security experts will help you quickly analyze, block, and remediate cybersecurity attacks at your organization’s most vulnerable attack vector: your endpoints.
  • Identity and Access Management: We’ll help you validate identities and control user access to critical information within your organization to protect your valuable corporate resources.
  • Advisory: Our advisory service can help you assess, find gaps, roadmap, and mature across your entire security program or specific areas like Cyber Resilience, DR/BCP, IR, Security Awareness, Tabletop, and Threat & Vulnerability.

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