Lowering IT Costs and Saving Resources for Innovation and New Projects

The EVT DevSecOps practice is aimed at driving iterative improvements in speed, quality and security of technology solutions that drive innovation in achieving business outcomes.

We partner closely with our customers to enable their success through the following areas:

  • Value Stream Management – End to end observability of IT processes and delivery mechanisms aimed at exposing inefficiencies and targeting opportunities to introduce productive countermeasures
  • Culture Transformation – Partnering with experienced Dojo coaches in a safe and immersive environment to enable change in mindsets, practices & technology; fostering a new way of managing workloads
  • Full Stack Delivery Mechanisms – Moving to a cohesive, policy-driven “as-code” delivery methodology for infrastructure and applications to maximize the ability to observe and meet continuous compliance
  • Application Release Optimization – Through the creation and optimization of CI/CD pipelines aligned with product lifecycles, achieve greater agility, quality and security in enabling consumable business value
  • Event Based Orchestration – Enable greater adaptability to changing business climates by increasing the integration of holistic technology capabilities with variable demand patterns
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) – Codifying environment blueprints for repeatable deployments in multi-cloud environments

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