Holistic Infrastructure Design and Cloud Computing

we are experts

At EVT, we are experts in the data center, cloud strategy, solution integration, and automation. With decades of industry experience, our IT pros know your pain and understand your challenges like no one else. Boasting advanced infrastructure and cloud expertise, we’ll help you meet your unique business requirements, maximize business value, and deliver on your strategic vision.


We’ll help you modernize your IT infrastructure to support your long-term growth goals. Our IT pros will design, integrate, and optimize customized infrastructure solutions that will take your business into the future and position you for sustainable success. 

Our expertise spans a range of offerings, including:

  • Data center
  • Cloud strategy
  • Server, network, and storage
  • Software-defined architectures
  • Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Infrastructure orchestration and automation


Our cloud experts will help you stay agile, innovate faster, and better meet customers’ needs in today’s competitive market. We’ll partner with you to analyze your challenges, workloads, and goals, then recommend a cloud service that will help you boost productivity and profitability.

From public to private to hybrid cloud, we’ll help you devise a cost-effective solution designed to increase IT capacity and functionality, offering advanced expertise in: 

  • Multi-cloud deployments
  • Orchestration and automation
  • Hybrid cloud monitoring
  • Custom development