Understanding The Importance of
People, Process and Technology

Many customers today are forced to face security threats at a disadvantage. They often have a smaller IT staff, a team with insufficient experience or knowledge on security threats in today’s landscape, or even limited knowledge of Security tools and platforms. When you partner with EVT we provide the advantage of industry experts with experience and knowledge on a wide array of security services and tools. Our partnership grants many benefits such as: enabling you to maintain account control by branding our consultants as your own, maintaining project governance and visibility by utilizing your internal project managers to oversee the efforts on any given project, and the ability to bring world-class, deep expertise in disciplines that you don’t have staff to deliver on.

Here at EVT we understand the importance of People, Process and Technology and how that impacts the day-to-day operations at your organization and is part of all our services.


  • Assessment –Analyze your current Security program and tools to determine gaps, recommendations, industry comparison and maturity rankings
  • Strategic Advisory – Evaluate and/or lead your current and future strategy from a program level or at an initiative level and collaborate to achieve your goals.
  • Tabletop Exercises – Run interactive scenarios with your key personnel to see how your organization will respond to the threat landscape
  • Cyber Resilience – Help you establish and build out your Cyber Resilience program
  • Virtual CISO – Provide an expert individual or team of security professionals who can build, expand, mature and/or grow your Security program
  • Enterprise Architecture – Create master blueprints across your entire organizations to ensure technology aligns with business processes and strategies


  • OEM Implementations – Implement OEM technologies by providing architects and hands on delivery engineers
  • Staff Aug –Provide our cybersecurity experts to fill any security gaps within your IT team.
  • Integrations – Closely work together to integrate security component with your current products and services.
  • Workflow Automation – Build automation to enable Security teams to move faster, give back to the business, or create efficiencies in detection, prevention, and remediation efforts
  • Lab Capabilities and Innovation Center – Leverage our Lab and Innovation Center to your needs (i.e. test your upgrades, build integrations, replicate your infrastructure to run POV’s)
  • Onsite or Remote Configuration/Installation – Qualified engineers and architects capable of deploying the solution at your locations or remotely to any cloud service.