What We Offer

  • Consulting workshop format, 100% customized to your specific needs, areas of interest, & initiatives
  • Aggregated, customized access to Innovation from dozens of VC firms, hundreds of industry thought-leaders and thousands of founder/CEOs & technologies
  • Customized curation process that delivers the best IT solutions for your most important initiatives

Access to Innovation

The Value

  • Cut right to the chase with trends, companies, and products which relevant to you
  • Save time and resources
  • Address immediate business and technology needs
  • Gain insights into industry trends to inform strategic decisions
  • Accelerate time to market with new business offerings

How the Innovation Experience Works

  • Our onboarding procedure to begin your Innovation Experience is intentionally lightweight for you and your team. EVT will guide you through a customized curation process to identify your most important needs and initiatives. Once the agenda has been determined, all participants of an Innovation Experience gather for a half-day to multi-day session at a Silicon Valley site.
  • During your experience, relevant venture capitalists, industry-specific thought leaders, and startup founders are given a chance to present and interact with you in the context of advancing your business. CXOs and their teams can analyze the latest technologies under development in the Valley, discuss and prepare for relevant trends, and find actual solutions to problems of today and anticipated for tomorrow.
  • Following your Innovation Experience, EVT will provide a detailed summary of the event and feedback, as well as a prescriptive plan of action for any necessary follow-up.