Make The Cloud Come To You — The Benefits Of The Public Cloud In An On-Prem Environment

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The public cloud continues to pick up steam as businesses worldwide chase the promise of greater flexibility, agility and scalability with fewer wasted resources in a pay-as-you-go model. But not all enterprise applications, workloads and data are suited for the cloud. For some, it’s a matter of security and compliance, while others are dealing with complex dependencies that preclude certain applications from running in a public cloud. Or maybe it’s a financial barrier to entry.

EVT can help you get the benefits of the public cloud with private cloud ease, speed, scale and economics.

Accelerate Business Innovation with HPE’s Private Cloud Solutions from EVT:

  • • Software-defined infrastructure: Automate IT operations and provide integration with a diverse private cloud partner ecosystem.
  • Leading partner cloud stacks: Leverage the flexibility of integrated software stacks from leading partners, such as Red Hat and VMware Cloud Foundation.
  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility: Adopt an as-a-Service model in the private cloud with HPE GreenLake for cloud economics, elastic IT and simplified operations—all under your control.
    Accelerate your IT transformation

Accelerate your IT transformation by bringing the cloud experience on-premises. Powered by HPE’s private cloud storage solutions, EVT can help you quickly secure the right infrastructure, services and tools that support greater speed and efficiency—so you can focus more on business growth and innovation.


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