Data Analytics At Your Fingertips—
No Matter What Size

keep up with the increasing demands

Do you struggle to keep up with the increasing demands on your critical data environment? If you’re like most, you want to create a flexible, high-performing and reliable ecosystem for your applications, data analytics, HPC and AI workloads and more.

But imagine if you could one day process and analyze all your big data instantly and make quick decisions based on real-time insights. For some, it’s a journey that’s already begun.

Unprecedented Scalability and Flexibility

EVT can help transform your data centers through Memory-Driven Computing, a revolutionary architecture that addresses the data dilemma with the promise of previously unobtainable scalability and flexibility. And best of all it’s built for critical environments of any size.

Using HPE’s next-generation Superdome Flex Server series, you get the agility of a unique, modular architecture allowing a compute breakthrough to power critical applications, accelerate data analytics and tackle AI and HPC workloads holistically.

EVT’s HPE Superdome Flex Server solution can help you: • Fully capitalize on SAP HANA across use cases • Reduce Oracle licensing costs by increasing Oracle performance per core • Migrate critical applications and databases from Unix to Linux • Refresh infrastructure for ERP, billing or other OLTP workloads • Reduce complexity of critical Microsoft SQL Server environments • Leverage in-memory databases to accelerate data analytics • Consolidate databases to simplify management and lower operational costs • Deploy HPC or AI workloads in a single node, rather than a cluster HPE


in-memory databases

Infrastructure supporting in-memory databases must be powerful enough to cope with data growing at an exponential, unpredictable pace—yet flexible enough to meet the demands of your business. Now you can process and analyze all of your big data instantly to help you remain competitive in the marketplace, improve your business operations and ultimately, profitability.

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