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Make your business more agile and prepared for change.

While the massive amounts of data and unprecedented technology innovation that we’ve seen in recent years offer tremendous opportunity for businesses to become digital disruptors, many struggle to get there. In the absence of one single infrastructure to manage their data—which is being created, processed and stored everywhere—businesses are faced with siloes of IT resources that are managed and consumed independently.

What’s more, IT teams are under increasing pressure to deliver greater levels of simplicity and agility. Enterprise-grade on-premises storage must now provide the same operational flexibility as cloud, including adaptability, automation and the ability to easily integrate with existing management frameworks.
Does this sound like you? EVT can help.

Modern data center challenges require a new approach to storage infrastructure.

EVT offers Dell EMC PowerStore—a new storage appliance designed for the data era. This uniquely adaptable infrastructure combines the advantages of cutting-edge storage hardware with the flexibility and simplicity of modern software design.

Built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology, PowerStore can make your business more agile and better prepared for change.

Specifically, Dell EMC PowerStore offers:

Data-centric design: By combining end-to-end NVMe, leading-edge hardware design, scale-up and scale-out capabilities, and a 4:1 data reduction guarantee, PowerStore unlocks the power of your data while supporting traditional and modern workloads.

Intelligent automation: With PowerStore, EVT can help you drive greater efficiency and lower operating costs with intelligent automation and simplified management. Built-in AI and machine learning analyze and evaluate resource levels, application demands and storage utilization to maintain system balance and improve performance.

Adaptable architecture: PowerStore brings storage into the digital age with an adaptable architecture that enables speed and application mobility, so applications can run directly on the appliance. From the edge to the core to the cloud, you can choose your desired deployment option while maintaining consistent operations. PowerStore even offers flexible consumption, with pay-per-use solutions and data-in-place upgrades.

With Dell EMC PowerStore, EVT delivers a data-centric, intelligent and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes any workload. Partner with EVT to get unprecedented freedom to evolve your IT, keeping pace with a rapidly changing world.

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White Paper: New Dell EMC PowerStore Delivers High-End Enterprise Storage Features at Midrange Price Point