In an economy fueled by technological innovation, you are under more pressure to scale faster than ever before to keep up with the pace of digital transformation and maintain your competitive advantage. To do that, you need to boost efficiencies, optimize resources, and keep costs down. IT automation plays an increasingly crucial role in driving those goals.

What Is Automation?

IT automation is a set of instructions that define the method of creating repeated processes. Designed to replace manual tasks in cloud deployments and data centers, automation digitizes work by using tools to centralize and streamline routine tasks.

Why IT Automation?

  • Lower costs: Do more with less, reduce manual, tedious, and repetitive work, and improve process control for lower operational costs.
  • Reduce downtime: Automate backup and recovery systems, monitoring, and remote communication to minimize downtime and expedite disaster recovery efforts.
  • Minimize human error: Automate manual tasks and remove the human factor for highly reliable outputs and fewer costly mistakes.
  • Support governance: Create consistency in IT operations and maintain business process flows to meet corporate governance requirements.
  • Boost productivity: Eliminate manual tasks, provision and configure workloads in minutes, and free up staff to be more productive and focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Optimize performance: Streamline processes and create greater efficiencies without adding more staff.

At EVT, we are experts in all things automation. We’ll work with you to synchronize your IT services and operations to deliver scalable, cost-effective, and resilient services. With advanced expertise in Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions, EVT can help you create, share, and manage automation across your organization—from development and operations to security and network teams. We can also partner with you to automate your technology service operations with solutions from ServiceNow, a global provider of cloud-based software that helps companies find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow through automation.

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