Ansible Automation

Harness the Power of Automation with Ansible Automation Platform and Event-Driven Innovation

Today, you’re being tasked with providing infrastructure and services more quickly than ever before to support the growing needs of the business and your customers. This demand for flexibility, simplicity, and speed complicates your IT environment; it means navigating an increasingly intricate web of technologies, requiring you to manage a broad spectrum of platforms and ensure security and compliance across various locations. As your IT team expands and roles become more specialized, it’s easy to slip into less efficient ways of working, with silos and bottlenecks that stifle progress and impede rapid deployment.

Empowering IT with Intelligent Automation

With Red Hat Event-Driven Ansible, an advanced capability of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, EVT can help you create seamless, automated workflows that respond dynamically to your IT environment to eliminate inefficiencies, enhance collaboration, and keep your deployment pipeline flowing smoothly. With the ability to process events containing discrete intelligence about conditions in the IT environment, determine the appropriate response to the event, then execute automated actions to address or remediate the event, Event-Driven Ansible allows your IT team to: 

  • Work smarter and deliver IT services with greater precision
  • Improve mean-time-to-resolution and responsiveness
  • Implement with greater flexibility
  • Automate time-consuming tasks and ensure consistency across IT functions from one platform
  • Refocus their time and mindshare on other strategic priorities to deliver more value to the business 

Proven Outcomes with Ansible Automation

Those who’ve incorporated Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform into their IT environment have realized significant benefits, including: 

  • 39% more applications developed per year
  • 76% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 75% faster deployment of new storage resources
  • 667% five-year ROI
  • Ten months to pay back*


Get More Info On Ansible

To learn more about how EVT can help you revolutionize your IT infrastructure, boost security, and accelerate service delivery with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and event-driven innovation, contact us here.

* The Business Value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, IDC, October, 2021 and AnsibleFest presentation, IDC, September, 2021