Virtualization Technology Solutions

Virtualization is sweeping the IT industry as businesses everywhere dive into virtualization to increase the utilization of their IT investments, reduce costs, and increase IT management efficiency.

Despite the clear benefits, the idea of switching to a virtualized infrastructure still gives pause to even some of the most educated CIOs. Although some confusion related to new technology or vendor choices might be expected, many companies hesitate to implement the physical-to-virtual transition because of security concerns, performance uncertainty and scalability questions-which are all valid reasons to be apprehensive.

At Enterprise Vision Technologies (EVT), we’ve followed the development of virtualization technology since its inception. We know how it works, how to use it, and where it likely will evolve in the future. Our technical experts can help you identify your scope and overall business objectives, and then design a virtualization solution that will make the most of your resources. To learn what you can achieve with virtualization technology, contact us at

How Virtualization Technology Works

Virtualization decouples operating systems-and the services and applications they support-from specific physical hardware platforms. Once virtualized, organizations are free to deploy multiple applications on a single, shared physical server which immediately increases the utilization of physical servers.

The virtualization layer protects each application and manages any contention for system resources by ensuring that each virtualized application sharing the physical server receives a sufficient share of common server resources, such as memory, CPU power, and network bandwidth. This approach is a profound departure from the traditional method of deploying each application on its own physical server.

Benefits of Virtualization

  • Increased utilization of physical servers
  • Lower power/cooling requirements
  • Greater ROI
  • Faster business innovation
  • Easier business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Better application performance

Although the application of virtualization technology in your enterprise might vary, virtualization is certainly a powerful technology that can benefit every organization. In fact, virtualization could even be one of the most cost-effective and strategic decisions your company makes.

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