Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery

An IT infrastructure is a complex, interconnected fabric of services, technologies, processes and people. To maintain availability and continual delivery of services it is necessary to evaluate potential risks and develop effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategies that address all levels of the IT infrastructure as well as the relationships these have with the business processes they support.

Reliance on IT has increased to a point where most organization could not function without the services IT provides. Business continuity and disaster recovery are critical capabilities needed to comply with ever increasing legal and regulatory requirements, and to ensure your organization can continue to function regardless what might happen. More and more, organizations are fully expected to be able to continue operations in the event of a disaster, regardless of the cause.

The expectations of continual operations must align with true business and organizational requirements. We help you assess and understand the true impact of an outage to define the service levels needed to meet requirements, and provide a business case to justify disaster recovery actions. We identify the gap between current state and required capabilities and devise the strategies to address this gap. FlexITy helps you develop business continuity and disaster recovery strategies based on a holistic view of IT and the business. By aligning with and leveraging key initiatives and opportunities within your organization, we are able to maximize the use of existing resources and minimize cost.

Many of the trends, tools and technologies prevalent today provide excellent opportunities for continual operations and disaster recovery initiatives. For example, server consolidation and virtualization, storage consolidation and virtualization, data deduplication, archiving, virtual tape, automation, and implementing service level management all present opportunities to advance business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities through proper strategic planning and business justification. FlexITy will provide our technical and strategic expertise to drive our standards and best practices based methodologies to achieve the right solutions for your organization. For more information on how EVT can help you with your BC and DR needs contact us at