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Delivering IT as a Service
Event Overview
The night's presentations will start out with Dean Del Vecchio, CIO of Dow Jones. Under Dean's leadership, an impressive internal cloud has been developed for internal use and is offered to other divisions of the NewsCorp entity. The Dow Jones internal cloud is one of the most advanced, complete with an orchestration layer that allows business leaders self-service along with automated provisioning and chargeback. Tarun Inuganti (Managing Director of Technology and Information Officer Practices for Spencer Stuart) will lead an executive roundtable. The roundtable will include Del Vecchio and executives from leading external cloud providers Rackspace and Terremark. Attendee participation will be encouraged. Lastly, Jim Abbott will provide a motivational talk. Against all odds, Abbott overcame his physical handicap to become a USA Gold Medalist and Major League pitcher. You won't want to miss this highly entertaining presentation.
5:00 - 5:30
5:30 - 6:30
6:30 - 7:15
Dean Del Vecchio - Dow Jones
7:15 - 8:00
Executive Roundtable led by Tarun Inuganti - Spencer Stuart, Jim Anthony - Terremark, Andrew Schroepfer - Rackspace and Dean Del Vecchio - Dow Jones
8:00 - 8:45
Jim Abbott: Dealing with Adversity
Featured Executives
Tarun Inuganti - Spencer Stuart
Dean Del Vecchio - Dow Jones & Company
Jim Anthony - Terremark
Andrew Schroepfer - Rackspace
Jim Abbott - Guest Speaker
Enabling Infrastructure as a Self-Service
Enterprise Vision Technologies is pleased to host an invite-only Executive Roundtable. Learn how your peers and Service Providers are delivering Infrastructure capabilities to their business customers.

Now that you have consolidated and virtualized the servers and storage in your IT environment— What‘s Next?

Virtualization is simply part of your journey to improving overall IT efficiency. Imagine the possibilities for your organization if you could continue to build your virtualized environment into a fully automated, service-oriented infrastructure of pooled resources (server, storage, and network) that enables you to easily deliver IT services to your internal users.

So much more is possible with the fully automated, service-oriented environment known as "cloud computing"or delivering IT as a service. Cloud computing basically takes virtualized environments to higher levels of sophistication and enables better business agility through automation. IT as a service is about providing on-demand computing and storage resources to a variety of applications and users from a unified architecture. Applications run in a secure, virtual resource pool with appropriate quality of service. This automated, self-service environment enables even higher cost and time savings than virtualization alone.

Whatever you call it ­ cloud, IT as a service, or simply a more agile IT infrastructure - It requires that you make a paradigm shift in how you manage and operate IT. Enabling self-service, automation and chargeback capabilities in your environment is the next step in delivering IT as a Service.